Emotional Blackmail in the Church – John Piper


Piper’s analysis here is a very important one. And a growing one in our present culture. How we look to others to fill the voids in us which Christ is specifically meant to fill singularly, and how we demand others love us the way we WANT to be loved, and so that we FEEL loved. All of which adds up to disaster if not rightly seen and addressed.

It is a grave mistake to make any other person or persons responsible for our happiness or fulfillment. But it seems logical when we do it. We want something from them they seem to be withholding. “Seem” being the operative word here.

Beware Christian, that you place a burden on your spouse, your parents, your children, your fellow Christians or your Church leadership none of them were ever designed to bear.

Piper’s extremely short but powerful article is HERE.

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