A Believer’s Confession

Written to be sung to the tune of “Jesus Thy Blood and Righteousness.”

An explanation of why I’ve written this comes at the end.


Lord I confess, you are God alone

Sov’reign o’er all on thine eternal throne

In pow’r creating, in love redeeming

In grace bestowing the faith to believe


Lord I confess, my guilt and my sin

Nought could I do, your favor for to win

By grace you found me, from death you raised me

New life you gave me in Jesus The Son


Lord I confess, Christ Jesus as Lord

Sacrificed Lamb, salvation to afford

Who died on Calv’ry to make atonement

Whose blood alone has sufficed for my sin


Lord I confess, my hope in The Son

Both God and Man, incarnate and to come

Born of the virgin, perfect and sinless

He bore your wrath on the Cross in His death


Lord I confess, both Father and Son

And Holy Spirit, ever three in one

One God eternal and uncreated

Who was and is and forever will be


Throughout Church history, creeds and confessions have persisted as ways of Believers rehearsing, memorizing and expressing essential Biblical truths. And while the great historic creeds – The Apostle’s Creed, the Nicean, Chalcedonian, Athanasian etc., have been preserved and utilized across various traditions – few remain in active use within the weekly worship of the Church.

A few years ago we began using the Apostle’s Creed here as part of our weekly worship – with some slight alteration to strengthen the Trinitarian aspect. This was due to the fact we live in the heart of Mormon country and where there is a strong Jehovah’s Witness influence. Also, with what a appears to be a rising acceptance of “Oneness” Pentecostalism (Modalism) within Evangelicalism (think T. D. Jakes and others for instance) – clear Trinitarian expressions seem to be somewhat up for grabs these days.

More recently we also modified our Creed to expand a bit more on the Holy Spirit – to emphasize the reality of living within the New Covenant.

I’ve also been playing with other ways to cement and make essential Biblical truths more memorable through music. Older hymnody and some of the newer hymns go a long way toward that goal, though they tend not to be intentionally systematic. Hence my first humble contribution to that genre above. If you like it, feel free to use it. I hope it might be both an encouragement and a heartfelt addition to your own worship.

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