A Passion Night’s Prayer


My Father, now the hour has come,
The time to glorify your Son
This thing that only you can do
That I might glorify you too
You’ve giv’n the Son authority
O’er all of this humanity
And life eternal to command
For those you’ve placed within my hand
Eternal life in knowing you
The only God, the one, the true
And Jesus Christ whom you have sent
For sinners will my life be spent
That I may finish all your will
I spoke your Word. My blood I’ll spill
That they might know I come from you
Your cup of wrath I’ll finish too
And now I bend my knee in prayer
For these you’ve put within my care
Oh Father, as I come to Thee
Preserve them in your name ‘s my plea
While I was here I kept them all
Except the one ordained to fall
But now I leave them in the world
And Satan’s darts will sure be hurled
They’ve heard your Word and hold it true
Protect them till they come to you
Please separate them as your own
Until you bring them safely home
Nor do I ask but for these few
But for the ones who’ll come to you
Believing what they preach of me
The Gospel of my Cross receive
And Father, still I ask you more
That they may have the fullest store
To see my glory beaming bright
Dispelling all of sin’s dark night
They, one in Me as I’m in you
The World to see this wonder too
That loving them as you loved Me
Such joy be their’s eternally
The World is lost not knowing you
But these, your Gift, they know it’s true
They know I’m sent from up above
Now fill them, fill them, with your love

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