Romans 8 – A Prayer

For well over a decade now I’ve been a member of the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (F.I.R.E.). FIRE is a wonderful, international association of like minded Churches and individuals. And this week I had the pleasure of attending our latest international conference held at Providence Church in Rowlett TX. It was an unusually sweet time with old friends and many new ones.

The theme this year was Romans 8 and the slate of speakers each took a portion of that majestic passage until the whole was covered. We were truly blessed.

I was given the privilege of offering the closing prayer. Sometimes as it happens, my thoughts organize themselves in verse. In this case, attempting to summarize the key points emphasized by the speakers and the chapter – I composed the following as my prayer. I pray it will be a blessing to you.

What then shall we say Dear Lord

For all that we have heard

As each approached the sacred desk

To break to us your Word?

The riches of our Christ and King

Of condemnation gone

The Spirit, and our life in Christ

Christ’s true new day has dawned

The law of sin and death undone

In Christ sent in the flesh

You Father, sent your Only Son

To grant true life afresh

And by the Spirit’s residence

To grant a Heav’nly mind

Abolishing hostility

Our hearts to yours to bind

And how the power of canceled sin

You grant to each you’ve bought

No more a debtor to its bonds

This victory you have wrought

You dealt to fear its fatal blow

Placed “Abba!” on our lips

And made us fellow heirs with Christ

With all His glorious gifts

Redeeming all our sufferings

Transforming every groan

Into hymns of sweetest praise

Tho in inexpressible moans

Your precious Spirit intercedes

When we’re too faint to cry

Divine and Triune pleading

Your own transcendent sigh

Loving, yea predestinating

First called then justified

Not failing in the smallest thing

Til we are glorified

You who did not spare your Son

What won’t you give us free?

For all in Him you’ve given us

Oh, give us eyes to see!

And add to all, inseparably

You bind us fast in love

Our names engraven on His hands

Til home at last above

The weak made more than conquerers

The wicked made anew

Declared as saints in Christ alone

Dear Lord – all praise to you.

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