Margin notes: God is angry everyday day

Psalm 7:11 (ESV) — 11 God is a righteous judge, and a God who feels indignation every day.

One of the principles of sound Biblical interpretation is not to take every statement as an absolute, just as it sits. Often, other passages bring additional light so as to give a fuller, richer view of the larger truth. One thinks for instance of Paul’s citation that none seek after God, not even one. In and of itself, that is true. But we must also account for the fact that the Spirit is moving among men to generate a desire to seek God. So in the natural, left to themselves, no one seeks God. That is an absolute – as far as it goes. But we must not neglect the reality that the Spirit IS working and drawing and creating such a desire in some. So in that sense, some do indeed seek the Lord. You get the point.

The same is true in this short passage. Yes, God feels indignation every day. He is angry with the sinner every day. But that isn’t all He feels or is. I am reminded that while Ps. 7:11 is true, this, from Rober Murray McCheyne is also true: “Learn, 1. That he is a striving Spirit.—O! let those of you that are living in sin, learn what a loving Spirit is now striving with you. Some of you, who are living in sin, think that God is nothing but an angry God; therefore you do not turn to him. True, “he is angry with the wicked every day;” still he is striving with the wicked every day. He sends the Holy Spirit to strive with you. Oh! what a loving Spirit he is, that does not at once turn you into hell, but pleads and strives, saying: “Turn ye, turn ye; why will ye die?”

Oh what a great, angry and yet striving God He is!

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