Margin notes: Determined

Psalm 57:7 (ESV) — 7 My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast! I will sing and make melody!

The heading of this Psalm tells us that it was penned by David when he fled from Saul after the incident at the cave at Adullam. Scripture records that David and his men were hiding in the cave, when Saul, alone and probably unarmed, came into the save cave to relieve himself.

David’s men wanted him to take advantage of the situation. They read this as God’s providence to kill Saul easily. They knew David had been anointed to take Saul’s place. And Saul was there after all – to kill David. So David had both justification on 2 fronts and what seemed to be God’s hand, delivering his enemy into his hand. But David was determined not to act before his time. He would wait for God to remove Saul and would not lift his hand to accomplish that.

So after cutting off a piece of Saul’s robe to show Saul after how he COULD have killed him but did not, David left. And he penned this Psalm. He penned it to say to others, and perhaps to remind himself – as vs. 2 reads: “I cry out to God most high, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” He did not want to fall into taking matters into his own hands, but to wait God’s time and God’s ways.

At the same time, being unjustly hunted like a dog, on and off in the irrational madness of Saul, David would be prone to seasons of great fear and especially discouragement. Which highlights then the focus and power of this 7th verse: That his heart is steadfast. Steadfast in this – that no matter what, “I WILL sing and make melody.” I will consciously refuse the temptation to stop praising my God – regardless. Or as the NET puts it: “I am determined, O God! I am determined! I will sing and praise you!”

Heavenly Father, make my heart embrace just such a determination. That no matter what the circumstances, what the pain, confusion, need, concern, fear or doubt – that I will remain determined to sing and praise You. For there is nothing more calculated to restore, refresh and keep the soul, than to keep your worthiness to be praised ever before me. Keep your song ever in my heart, that I may never fail to make your goodness known to men in every place, under all circumstances and at all times.

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