Through the Word in 2020 – April 14 / Common Sense and the Unpardonable Sin

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We have before us today Joshua 23 through Judges 1; Mark 3:22-35 and 1 Corinthians 7:25-8:13.
I wish we had time to dig into each one. Each is so rich in its own way.
Throughout the years I’ve been privileged to preach and teach the Word of God – there is one question which arises over and over.
It is one which especially plagues some with very tender consciences – and around which there seems to be a lot of confusion – what is called the unpardonable sin.
And let me note at the outset that the Scripture itself never says this sin is unpardon-ABLE, but only that it WILL NOT be pardoned or forgiven.
It’s not that God is not able to forgive this particular sin – the blood of Christ is eminently sufficient for any and all sin.
No, the real issue here is that God has determined that out of the entire catalog of human sin, this one, He refuses to forgive.
That does lend a massive amount of gravity to it. Gravity that requires us to make no mistake about it.
So what is this sin precisely?
The text tells in vs. 30 – Jesus’ detractors were saying that Jesus Himself had an unclean spirit – that He was in league with and possessed by the Devil – and that is why He could cast demons out of people.
Now this is particularly heinous on 2 fronts.
First, as Jesus notes in 23-27, it is so contrary to the obvious and common sense, as to have to be the result of direct misrepresentation.
Some things do not need deep, theological answers – they are stupid on the surface, nonsensical. Jesus doesn’t need to go deep with their charge against Him, He simply needs to point out that their reasoning is illogical.
When any of us has an agenda or a point of view we are trying to force, we too may not let common sense get in the way of pursuing our course.
Here, they were so opposed to Jesus, it didn’t matter to them if their argument was obviously ridiculous. They would advance it anyway.
Even Christians can fall into this same behavior if we are not careful.
God’s purposes and reasoning are never nonsense. There are times when His logic soars high above ours – but it is never obviously stupid.
But secondly, and even more importantly – the Pharisees were deliberately lying about Jesus and saying He was acting under demonic influence in order to turn people away from Him.
Now I need to emphasize this last point, especially to any of you who have been plagued by fears that maybe you have committed this “unpardonable sin.”
Listen to me carefully – unless you have knowingly attributed the miraculous works of Jesus to the Devil in order to turn people away from faith in Jesus – you have not committed the unpardonable sin.
That is not to dismiss any of your sins as though they are no big deal.
All sin condemns us before God.
And you may be guilty of extreme, heinous, vile, repeated sin.
But the blood of Christ is sufficient for every species of sin except this single one here. Even your unbelief up until this point may be forgiven – indeed no one comes to Christ at all unless their unbelief is forgiven.
But do not fall into the false belief that you cannot be saved because of your past sins.
If you have not done what the Pharisees did in this passage – then Jesus calls to you this very hour – come and be made clean.
Confess your sin. Cry out to Him for mercy. Turn from it and to Christ. And you too, will be pardoned, and adopted into the very family of God.
Don’t wait. Come to Him today.
Let that soak into your souls Beloved.
God bless, and God willing, we’ll be back tomorrow.

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