Through the Word in 2020 – June 3 / What God hasn’t said.

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There is no question that some of the things Jesus said or did, are difficult to completely understand. One such case is to be found in our readings to day in the Gospel of Mark. But even then, there are still valuable lessons we can come away with. We’ll look at two of those today as we keeping reading Through the Word in 2020.
I’m Reid Ferguson, and our 3 sections for reading today come from Galatians 2:15-3:9; 1 Kings 15:33-17:7 and Mark 14:10-21. .
As the preaching and teaching ministry of Jesus is coming to a close, it is also nearing the time of the 3rd Passover to be celebrated during His ministry. In preparation for that celebration, and keeping with Jewish law and custom, Jesus charges 2 of His disciples to secure a location for the Passover meal. But He does it in an unusual manner.
Jesus tells the 2 to go into Jerusalem, where they will be met by a man carrying a jar of water. They were to follow this fellow and whatever house he entered, that’s where they should approach the master or owner of that house, and tell him that “The Teacher” – wants to know where the guest room is where He can eat the Passover with His disciples. And that the owner will show them a large room all ready to go.
So they went, and everything unfolded as Jesus said it would.
Now the question that strikes me is this: Why did Jesus use this method? Why make them look for the man carrying the jar of water? Why follow him? Why not just give them the address or the name of the master of the house? Why all the seemingly unnecessary details and mechanics?
And here is the first lesson which it is good for us to glean. Certainly it would have been good for the Disciples. But it is for you and me as well.
Doesn’t this demonstrate – and isn’t it good for us to know that all of God’s purposes are carried out by MEANS and not though independent miracles? We can be so wrapped up in looking for signs and wonders and miracles, that we can forget to recognize Him as Lord over the mundane. That He is Lord over all things as much as when He acts miraculously. He is Lord over the ordinary, and not just “the Church”.
The everyday circumstances of your life and mine are as much under His notice and part of His plan as if He made vocal and public pronouncements about each detail. And we, like the man with the pitcher of water, and the house owner, are usually oblivious to it all. And yet He is working His will through us, and all around us.
Second, there is the much needed lesson we need to learn that some things – like this account – may not be answerable at all. We must be humble enough to stop where the revelation of God does, and not NEED to pry past our need to obey.
In other words, Jesus did it this way because it was wisest and best in His sight. That should be enough for us. Faith is trust in His character, so that even when we cannot attach a direct understanding of why He precisely does what He does – we can be fully at rest.
We have an almost insatiable need to have God explain Himself to us. There is no sin in desiring to know more. But there is also a time to stop inquiring – and it is where He has stopped revealing. To rest in HIM, more than in what we think we need to know. To avoid guesses and speculations – and instead live in the truth He HAS given, rather than worrying about what He hasn’t.
Thank on that today Christian. And trust Him.
God bless. And God willing, we’ll be back tomorrow.

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