Through the Word in 2020 #87 – 8/4/2020 – So that…

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Thinking people ask questions like “what is life all about?” “Where did I come from?” “Where is all of this going?” And the big one – “Why am I here?” The Bible tells us all of these are answered by understanding God’s purposes in Jesus Christ. And while that last question can find its first answer in “because God thought it wisest and best to have you in His universe rather than not. Because He wanted you to exist” – there’s more. Especially for the Christian. Believers add to the questions above: “Why did God save me?” And that is worth talking about today on Through the Word in 2020. I’m Reid Ferguson.
We have 3 passages before us today. 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17; Luke 9:23-36 and Ezra 4:17-6:18. And as happens often, I am really torn as to which of these to focus on. Each is so rich and important. But I will ask us to consider 2 Thessalonians 2 and vs. 14 in particular.
I have noted before that when you are reading your Bible, pausing at phrases like “so that” is vitally important. It is a conclusion phrase. A purpose phrase. It has special import in the Holy Spirit’s mind as He inspired it. It is using His unique highlighter to call out a key reality to us. And in this case, one that is directly related to the Christian’s question raised in my introduction: “Why did God save me?” And Paul says here that if you are a Christian, at least in part – it is because God chose you, setting you apart from the rest of the world by the work and presence of His Holy Spirit – as He opened your eyes to and you believed the truth of Jesus Christ SO THAT: you might one day have as your cherished possession, the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
In other words, so that you might forever enjoy and revel in all the wonder, magnificence and infinite beauties and pleasures of God in Christ. That you might be blessed as The Son is blessed in all of His glory. This is what He saved you for. To lavish in Him forever. To have infinite joy, peace, pleasure, purity and satisfaction without even the hint of any interruption or defect for eternity. Endless delight.
Beloved, He saved you for this. And it is on the basis of knowing this is in store for each of who are in Christ, that He can call us to stand firm and hold to all that we have been taught in the Scriptures – for the time we have left.
This glorious future is just before us. It is an inviolable promise. And while no eye has yet seen what this will be like; While no ear has ever heard it fully described; We know that Jesus said when He went away that He went to prepare a place for us. This God who spoke the universe into existence, has been 2,000 years preparing a place for all those that are His. What must that be like?
If you had the one object of your love in mind, that person or persons that you love and treasure and prize – that are the nearest and dearest to your heart – and you had unlimited resources to give them everything you could possibly imagine to bless them and make them happy; and, you had infinite knowledge of what will bless them most – what would that look like? Less than a grain of sand compared to all the material universe, when it comes to what He has prepared for those who love Him and His appearing. It defies all imagination.
He saved you for this. And it’s coming soon.
God willing, we’ll be back tomorrow.

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