Through the Word in 2020 #114 – Sep. 10 / All Things Considered

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Anytime I leave on a trip, even a short one, there are always a few things I stop to consider. My precise destination – do I have the address? What route am I going to take? How much gas I’ll need. How much travel time I expect. How long I’ll stay at my destination. Accommodations. The usual stuff.

But what if your destination is Heaven? What things do you need to consider then?

Today’s text in Hebrews 3:1–6 addresses that very point. And so will we today on Through the Word in 2020.

I’m your host, Reid Ferguson.

Along with Hebrews we are also reading Song of Solomon 2:8–5:1; Proverbs 16 and Luke 16:1–17. And once again there is just so much to look at. Restricting ourselves to those 6 verses in Hebrews is hard – but are they ever rich.

The “therefore” in 3:1 is referring back to the previous 2 chapters, and amplifying some statements in 2:8 & 10. God doesn’t save us from our sins just to save us. He has an end in mind. One day, those redeemed by the blood of Christ will share in ruling over all creation with Him. He is in the process of “bringing many sons to glory.” The end of what 3:1 calls our “heavenly calling.” Our salvation isn’t just something which originates in Heaven, it is something which ends there. And not a Heaven like some imagine as a weird disembodied state floating around on clouds. Heaven as in the unveiling of God’s own presence and throne somehow also joined to a new earth – where we live with Him in a glorified and yet very real and material world.

Now if that’s where we are headed – and every Believer IS headed there- what are the things we should be considering for that journey?

Our text gives us 4, all centering around the person and work of Jesus.

“Consider” the verse says: Think about, mull over, meditate on, let your mind explore – Jesus. This is our great preparation.

1. Think about how He is the apostle of our faith. How He is the Word made flesh. The sum of God’s wisdom revealed. The truth of all things wrapped up in Him – who came to announce the great reconciliation. To declare to us with the very voice of God the forgiveness of sins and how we could be made right with God for eternity.

2. Consider Him as our Great High Priest. Keep mindful of His intercession for us. Of His sacrifice for us on the Cross. How His blood paid the price for our guilt and shame. How He has gone before us into the Heavens to prepare this place for us, and continues to pray for us, watch over us and bring us to Himself.

3. Consider how He was faithful in everything. How He carried out the Father’s will on our behalf to the tiniest degree, so that nothing is left over for us to do. How in His faithfulness to all of God’s commands, we have a full and free salvation.

4. Consider Him as having done all this not just as some servant or prophet – but as the very Son of God Himself. That the One who died for our sins is none other than God in human flesh. How more secure could our salvation be than to have been accomplished by God the Son Himself?

Keep considering Him.

The truth in Him so that you are not taken off course. Consider Him as seeing your salvation through to the end.

Consider Him as faithful, lest you think at any time this salvation wrought in His blood might fail to be sufficient for all your sins.

Consider how it is the 2nd member of the eternal, triune Godhead is the one who has purchased your salvation.

What great, eternal, divine love it is you are loved with.

Therefore holy brothers, you who share in a heavenly calling – consider Jesus.

And worship in joy.

God willing, we’ll be back tomorrow.

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