Through the Word in 2020 #119 – Sep. 17 / Exploding Heads

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If your head didn’t explode today after reading Proverbs 21, Luke 18:1-8, Psalm 119:121-128, Hebrews 8 and Isaiah 9-11, then I don’t know what to say. In these portions of God’s Word we were met with such high, lofty, holy, transcendent and glorious realities that we could spend a lifetime trying to digest just what’s there.

Jesus’ exhortation to prayer and how the Father is so willing to hear us and answer. David’s example of loving God’s commandments above fine gold. The wonders of the New Covenant in Hebrews 8. The assurance that all of the plans and promises of God will come to pass because there is NO wisdom, understanding or counsel that can avail against the Lord. And then the revelations of the coming Christ in Isaiah 9-11 – with that oh so familiar and amazing announcement: “For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Join me for a few thoughts on Isaiah 9:6 today on Through the Word in 2020. I’m Reid Ferguson.

You may never have heard the name Lancelot Andrews before, but more than any other individual, he was responsible for the unparalleled English and its cadence as we have it in the King James version of the Bible.

Andrews not only loved the music of English, he was a master of Latin, Greek, Hebrew and most of the languages of Europe in his day.

In a sermon of his on Isaiah 9:6 he summarized the importance of it this way: “So Christ loved us, that He was given;” “so God loved us, that He gave His Son.”

We are met with this divine conspiracy of love to save the lost. The Son wholly willing to come and die. The Father wholly willing to send Him to that end. What a glorious thing this salvation is. Unfathomable love.

So allow me to set our hearts on this portion in verse today.

For unto us, a child is born

In love, from Heaven’s throne was torn

From angel’s praise to earthly scorn

This child, ‘Tis Christ our Savior

Yes unto us, God’s Son is giv’n

Feet, hands and side be one day riv’n

The piercing nails by hate be driv’nGod’s Son,

‘Tis Christ our Savior

The government shall rest on Him

But first, the weight of human sin

He’ll feel the Father’s gaze grow dim

This King, ‘Tis Christ our Savior

First Wonderful, shall be His name

Eternal God, for e’re the same

And yet as God in flesh He came

See now, ‘Tis Christ our Savior

And Counselor His name is too

He is the way, the life, the truth

God’s highest wisdom, Love’s great proof

Oh look!,  ‘Tis Christ our Savior

His name shall be The Mighty God

The Worthy of all praise and laud

He rules with God’s own iron rod

Behold!, ‘Tis Christ our Savior

The Everlasting Father’s name

He’ll wear as His, tho man became

To die, and then His throne reclaim

This Jesus,  ‘Tis Christ our Savior

And Prince of Peace His name shall be

In reconciling Adam’s seed

His blood, it pleads for you and me

All praise! ‘Tis Christ our Savior

With divine zeal He’ll finish sin

And bring God’s Kingdom fully in

Redeeming all who trust in Him

This Babe, ‘Tis Christ our Savior

So low the angels’ bent to see

The awe of His nativity

He stooping low where we would be

For us, ‘Tis Christ our Savior

Think on that today Christian.

God willing, we’ll be back tomorrow.

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