Through the Word in 2020 #141 – Oct. 27 / A Most Surprising God

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Sometimes, when Christians with differing views of certain doctrines debate with each other – they indulge in what some call “dueling verses.” This guy sights a certain verse and then his opponent cites her verse – and they seem to contradict. On they go, like in a fencing match. Never stopping to consider that since the Bible is penned from front to back by the same Holy Spirit – that these passages do indeed – harmonize. But we’re not seeing it. Just such a thing arises as we look at our readings today from Psalm 127, Jeremiah 38:7-40:16, Luke 24:36-49 and 2 Peter 3:1-13.

More on that today on Through the Word in 2020. I’m Reid Ferguson.

In our Luke passage, the Disciples had trouble reconciling Old Testament passages about a Messiah who would vanquish all enemies and usher in the Kingdom of God, with Jesus dying on the Cross. They had neglected the “suffering servant” passages and never thought they both had to apply.

In 2 Peter, there are those who look at the Old Testament predictions of how God will judge the world, and cannot reconcile it with a continuing human history. They don’t understand His amazing patience in calling many to salvation yet.

And in Jeremiah we have God’s judgment poured out on His people for their sin, contrasted with Psalm 127’s insistence that even though we sin, and suffer for it, yet life is not only worth living, but children born even in the worst of times are still a heritage from the Lord. And it is this very point I’d like to call your attention to today: the reality that children are a gift from God remains true, no matter the circumstances. This is a display of truly amazing grace. And the World has no category for it.

Every time a child is conceived, whether that be in the context of a loving, monogamous home, in fornication or even rape, we are led to see how our God blesses instead of curses.

Those who indulge in sex outside of marriage, ought to be punished. But one way they are not – is in conception.

Conception is not punishment.


It is rather, a token of grace in the midst of sin.

Here is where God shows up.

God gives life in place of the death we deserve for our sin.

It becomes an astounding type of the salvation which is in Christ. If only we would see it.

And if we could hear it, this is true even for the victim of rape. God in His amazing grace brings life out of the pain, the violence and the tragedy. It is a miracle – meant to show how He blesses in the very worst of all circumstances.

It is meant to draw our eyes toward heaven in wonder and awe. And so that the victim may take comfort, that though sin sought to destroy, God has overruled and brought forth life instead.

He is a most surprising God indeed.

Let that soak in today Christian.

And God willing, we’ll be back tomorrow.

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