9th Annual ROCHESTER Theology Conference – Almost here!!!!!

Questions? Email us at:conference@ecfnet.org

“God is seeking just one kind of person …
One who will worship Him in spirit and truth.”

speakers.jpgThe 9th Annual Rochester Theology Conference, featuring speakers Jerry Bridges and Phil Johnson, will be held April 18 and 19, 2008, at Perinton Community Church, 636 High Street Extension in Fairport, N.Y., and is hosted by: Evangelical Church of Fairport, Pastor Reid Ferguson; and Clarkson Community Church, Pastor Tony Bartolucci.

Admission to the entire conference is $15 Individual / $20 Couple and $25 Family (no matter how large!) DVDs of all six conference sessions are available for $15, including postage.

We Welcome You!


There is always a tension between orthodoxy and a passion. To the mechanical purist God whispers, “I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” To the careless enthusiast, God whispers the words of David, “surely you desire truth in the inner parts.” God is seeking just one kind of person, one who will worship Him in spirit and truth, passion and purity. (John 4)

I can think of no two people better qualified to guide us into the heart of God than Jerry Bridges and Phil Johnson. The true worship of God must have both head and heart. Both of these men have distinguished themselves as passionate servants of Jesus Christ, and precise expositors of his glorious gospel. Of all the seminars we have ever hosted before, I believe this will touch our hearts and our minds as few others have before. I hope to see you there!

In Christ,
Reid Ferguson

Pursuing God: Rochester Theology Conference 2008 – Fanning The Flame Of Truth
Hosted by Evangelical Church of Fairport and Clarkson Community Church • conference@ecfnet.org
For the real spiffy actual brochure – click HERE


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