Eliot Spitzer & Big Government

How are we to think about the recent events which saw the shameful resignation of Governor Spitzer in in New York State?


Noting while we try to address this, how he only fits a long standing pattern of such behaviors which is only increasing over time. President Clinton & Monica Lewinsky; Presidential Candidate Gary Hart & Donna Rice; NJ Governor James McGreevy & his male aide; Congressman Wilber Mills & stripper Fanne Fox; Senator Bob Packwood – numerous cases of sexual harassment; Grover Cleveland fathered an illegitimate child before his Presidency; Congressman Gary Condit & Chandra Levy; Congressman Mel Richards & a 16 year old campaign worker; Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt & 14 year old babysitter; Senator Brock Adams – 8 counts of sexual harassment, sexual assault & rape; Congressman Mark Foley – sexual text messages to male Pages; Congressman Bob Livingston – extra-marital affair; Mayor Jim West of Spokane WA – molesting young boys; Senator Larry Craig – lewd conduct in an airport men’s room; Congressman Wayne Hays – put his mistress on the House payroll; Senator Ted Kennedy & Mary Jo Kopechne; Congressman Barney Frank & his male lover who ran  a male prostitute ring out of Frank’s home. And the list goes on and on.

Proverbs 28:2 reads:

When a land transgresses, it has many rulers,
but with a man of understanding and knowledge,
its stability will long continue.

An increase in government is a direct result of a nation which is moving away from God. Government must increase to try and make up for the lack of self-government. It is a vicious cycle. The less responsibility each person takes for themselves before God, the more imposition from the outside becomes necessary to keep chaos from taking over. The problem is that over time, the governmental structure becomes so inflated, it must collapse under its own weight. Fewer and fewer people take responsibility for themselves before God, and that corruption extends to the government since the government is but – people. Those trying to enforce the rules and regulations themselves have abandoned personal responsibility – and thus a self-imposed judgment is inevitable. Our men and women in leadership will continue to reflect the populace in general, and will grow more and more corrupt over time. Only the Holy Spirit reigning in the hearts of men can reverse such a state of affairs. No governmental system is capable. Sin can only be dealt with in Christ – not by any external structure.


4 thoughts on “Eliot Spitzer & Big Government

  1. Goes to show how we never can live up to our own moral standards. Spitzer was hailed as the pitbull when he was AG, and that’s just what he was for his abbreviated tenure in the Gov’s mansion. But his own standards came back to bite him. Your summation of the problem is spot on. Christ is the only antidote and only genuine revival is going to change things a whit. God’s soverign ability to change things in a flash notwithstanding, it appears that we’ve grown so accustomed to the moral shortfalls of our leaders that anything short of having parts of their mother-in-law in mason jars in the pantry will be condoned and shrugged off. Had Eliot not been the prosecutor of similar prostitution rings, he would most likely still be in office.
    Finally, I must say that the picture you used of Spitzer bears a striking resemblance to Judy the pet chimp on Daktari. (obscure reference alert)

  2. Judy from Daktari? Man – you’re cold. 🙂 You’re old for making it, and I’m old (and marginalized) for getting it.

    But a great post. Thanks for stopping by.

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