Margin notes: Things I scribbled in the white spaces on July 31, 2K8.

1 – 1 Samuel 30:23-31 (ESV) 23 But David said, “You shall not do so, my brothers, with what the Lord has given us. He has preserved us and given into our hand the band that came against us. 24 Who would listen to you in this matter? For as his share is who goes down into the battle, so shall his share be who stays by the baggage. They shall share alike.” 25 And he made it a statute and a rule for Israel from that day forward to this day.

26 When David came to Ziklag, he sent part of the spoil to his friends, the elders of Judah, saying, “Here is a present for you from the spoil of the enemies of the Lord.” 27 It was for those in Bethel, in Ramoth of the Negeb, in Jattir, 28 in Aroer, in Siphmoth, in Eshtemoa, 29 in Racal, in the cities of the Jerahmeelites, in the cities of the Kenites, 30 in Hormah, in Bor-ashan, in Athach, 31 in Hebron, for all the places where David and his men had roamed.

RAF: May we never be stingy with grace. David receives God’s bounty, and so he pours it back out. This is how God would bless both us and others – when we give what we’ve received at His pleasure. This is true materially, but also spiritually. Where the Father has been pleased to give us something of His own sweetness in communion with Him, we need to let some portion of that touch others too. Where we’ve been comforted, we ought to comfort others. What we’ve found rest in, we need to pass on to our brothers and sisters. The things that God as utilized to keep us, that have stabilized us, sustained or recovered us in His Word and by His Spirit, these need to be expressed to others that they too might share in His goodness. We never diminish His grace by sharing it with others. Freely we’ve received, let us freely give.

2 – 1 Samuel 31:6 (ESV) 6 Thus Saul died, and his three sons, and his armor-bearer, and all his men, on the same day together.

RAF: Oh the sorrow that follows those who abandon God. Look at the loss of others in the process. Jonathan, whose heart was good and right falls too due to his Father’s wickedness. Father, keep us close to you. Overcome our sin and desire to serve sin and self. Make us like Christ. In His death, many are saved, rather than destroyed.

3 – 1 Samuel 31:8-13 (ESV) 8 The next day, when the Philistines came to strip the slain, they found Saul and his three sons fallen on Mount Gilboa. 9 So they cut off his head and stripped off his armor and sent messengers throughout the land of the Philistines, to carry the good news to the house of their idols and to the people. 10 They put his armor in the temple of Ashtaroth, and they fastened his body to the wall of Beth-shan. 11 But when the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead heard what the Philistines had done to Saul, 12 all the valiant men arose and went all night and took the body of Saul and the bodies of his sons from the wall of Beth-shan, and they came to Jabesh and burned them there. 13 And they took their bones and buried them under the tamarisk tree in Jabesh and fasted seven days.

RAF: When prominent Christians fall, it is noised abroad. The world takes special delight in it. We ought not to be surprised how scandals among those who profess to be Christ’s get more press than those in the world. The fall is greater. And what reproach it brings upon all of God’s people. How we need to rob them of such occasions. And, how we need to be valiant like those of Jabesh-gilead, and see to it the aftermath is honorably handled, and that we do not contribute to greater shame by leaving these corpses to rot on public display. May we contribute to removing the shame, and giving the scandals a proper burial, that the Lord’s name be upheld even then.

4 – 2 Samuel 5:1-2 (ESV) Then all the tribes of Israel came to David at Hebron and said, “Behold, we are your bone and flesh. 2 In times past, when Saul was king over us, it was you who led out and brought in Israel. And the Lord said to you, ‘You shall be shepherd of my people Israel, and you shall be prince over Israel.’ ”

RAF: Here is wisdom in choosing leadership – choose those who are doing the job even though they do not have the title. Then you can be sure they will do it when they do get the title. Those who will not perform unless they have the title, are seeking the title, and do not have a sense of burden regarding the work which needs to be done.

5 – 2 Samuel 5:17 (ESV) 17 When the Philistines heard that David had been anointed king over Israel, all the Philistines went up to search for David. But David heard of it and went down to the stronghold.

RAF: There are some who will attack those in leadership for no other reason than that they are in leadership.

6 – 2 Samuel 6:7 (ESV) 7 And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Uzzah, and God struck him down there because of his error, and he died there beside the ark of God.

RAF: The TNIV renders Uzzah’s act as “irreverent.” Proper honor was not being displayed by virtue of placing the Ark on a cart in the first place. And thus, to touch the Ark in order to stabilize it when it ought never to have been there in the first place, was to add insult to injury. Let us remember to act out of reverence to our God.

7 – 2 Samuel 6:20 (ESV) 20 And David returned to bless his household. But Michal the daughter of Saul came out to meet David and said, “How the king of Israel honored himself today, uncovering himself today before the eyes of his servants’ female servants, as one of the vulgar fellows shamelessly uncovers himself!”

RAF: Verse 14 tells us David was wearing a linen ephod. Michal’s objection was not over some sort of actual indecency, but rather that David stripped himself of his kingly garb, and was reduced to the level of a common man. True worship is the ultimate equalizer among men. Those distinguished in personal or professional life have not one wit more to speak of before the throne of God than the humblest of all. And the lowest among us is not one wit lower than the greatest of all. Before the throne, human station means absolutely nothing – Christ is all in all. All are equally humbled by the infinite majesty before us, and all are equally exalted to be in His presence.


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