The Baruch Maoz Website

baruchI am trying to pass on excellent resources to y’all – and “TheMoazWeb” is the newest addition to my blogroll in that effort.

Baruch is a native born Israeli, and a decorated war veteran. He came to Christ through the witness of some faithful Christians in Israel – and he has pastored a Church there for many years. In fact, he just retired from the pastorate in order to devote even more time to writing.

Baruch’s book: “Judaism is not Jewish”judaismsubtitled “A friendly critique of Messianic Judaism” is a must read. For those confused by and/or caught up in the strange world of the popular Messianic Judaism movement in the United States – it is a clear and forceful call to recover a truly Gospel centered Christianity for Jews and Gentiles alike. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The site is still being developed, but I have every confidence the forthcoming material will be Biblically sound, Christ centered, and spiritually healthy. Do visit often.

You can get there BY CLICKING HERE.


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