“Decretal Agnosticism” – Count me in!

questionMy friend Ben Askins over at ZAO THANATOO has done a great job in a post he did today on what is termed “decretal agnosticism.” In short, addressing the endless of debates over the “logical” (not chronological) order of God’s decrees.

Ben takes the route of there being but one all comprehensive and co-temporaneous decree. He is not the first to hold this view (see John Frame’s superb “Doctrine of God.” This debate is always at the core of the debates between supra-,  infra-, sub-lapsarians and Amyraldians (post-redemptionsits).

It should not even BE a debate except that we cannot seem to fight the urge to peer further into God’s mysteries than He has revealed thus far. Shame on us.

Anyway – Ben did a much better job on this than I ever could, and while it may be a bit of tough wading at first for a few – he is clear, concise, and this article will give you a very quick and cogent handle on the issues. I highly recommend you read it. YOU CAN GET TO HIS BLOG BY CLICKING HERE.

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