The Shack – REDUX

shackTouching base now that Sky and I have returned from the conference in St. Martin which we were most honored to be a part of.

As a way of catching up – I would like to turn your attention to the following link. It is an interview with William Young – the author of “The Shack.” Though I do apologize for doing so on a negative note right out of the gate.

I know many did not care for my original critique of The Shack, and I understand the emotional attachment some have to the book. But in the interview this link leads to, my worst suspicions were completely confirmed. The indications of how he uses language in the book finally emerges without doubt. Young, speaking for himself in audio – so it is not someone else twisting his words – admits (not shyly) that he absolutely denies the penal, substitutionary death of Christ on the cross for our sins. He emphatically denies the Father punished Jesus for sins. He does not believe Jesus needed to be a sacrifice for sin.

While so many have simply appealed to The Shack as simply “fiction” – Young confirms that he wrote the book as a means of getting his theology across to his kids. This was not a guess on my part. He intended the book to be theological all along. And here, most sadly and outrageously, he absolutely, and categorically denies the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Shack IS NOT a Christian book. It is, rank, soul damning heresy.

Listen for yourselves. A more blatant denial of the Gospel would be hard to find.

Pray for William Young, and those who read the Shack. He needs Christ.


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