At 3:55 am Monday morning, Nov. 23 – the World Lost a GREAT man.

This is Ivan Kellogg. In the world’s words, he WAS a great man. In God’s, by grace, he IS a great man. Not as the World counts greatness, but as God does.  For he never sought human accolades all the days I knew him. At least never as much as I could tell. He was my brother-in-law, youth leader (when I was young and REALLY a pain), fellow quartet member, my co-elder, and the best friend in life and ministry one could ever hope to have as a gift from God – because he would tell me the truth. Even when it really hurt.  I loved him. And I can’t wait to see him again in glory. I will miss him everyday until then.

I wrote the following for him based upon: Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed – 1 Cor. 15:51

Sleep well my friend

Till Dawn breaks full on that peaceful shore

No sorrow

No pain

No glance back at sin’s effects in body, soul or mind


in the full healed scars the Savior still bears.

Sleep well

Until the trumpet sounds

When all the saints of all the ages

Rise to newness of life

Rise to put on immortality

Rise to sin no more

Rise to live His life


forever more.

Sleep now

the sweet sleep of the Just.

Not unconscious of glory

but wide awake in The Presence

glorying in all

once only imagined.

Now the possession held

by unbreakable grip.

Sleep but a little while longer

Till the Daystar rises

Rejoicing in the reasons here withheld.

Awed at The Wisdom.

Broken by The Love.

Swimming in Mercy as felt

as adrift in shore-less seas.

Drowning in Grace.

Till joined by all you left.

Sleep my friend.

Sleep your well earned rest.

Then haste with Christ to come for us.

Bid Him gather us up.

Pray Him change us all.

Plead Him wed His Bride.

Be among the first to rise

that we might praise Him


In redemption’s endless song.


4 thoughts on “At 3:55 am Monday morning, Nov. 23 – the World Lost a GREAT man.

  1. Reid, I am so very sorry to hear of Ivan’s passing. Although I have not seen him in many years, he was one of the kindest people I have ever had the priviledge of meeting. My condolences to the entire Ferguson and Kellogg familes, you are all in my thought and prayers. Your post is beautiful.

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