Mother’s Day 2K11 – An Ode to Mother’s Spit

Of all the cosmic mysteries

Like light, or atoms split

Or subatomic particles

A quark – and stuff like it

Nothing so defies noesis

Or makes scientists to quit

Than mining out the secrets

Of the average Mother’s spit

Its solvent and degreaser

and adhesive all in one

Its used on hair and face and eyes

On noses when they run

Dissolving peanut butter,

Tar, or makeup all like one

It tames the angry cow licks

Smeared with kleenex or a thumb

It really doesn’t matter

How this substance is applied

Its uses are most varied

Its employments deep and wide

MacGyver wished he had it

When his hands were bound and tied

A thumb’s spread of it handy,

Can all problems override

My Mom would use it everywhere

My memory holds traces

Removing rust from bumpers

Soothing little sunburned faces

It really is ubiquitous

Pops up in oddest places

It truly can be used

In all of life’s most troubling cases

Can’t get hair to stay in place?

(Most oft on little boys)

A dab or two will do the trick

He’s dapper, slick and poised

Got schmutz that’s on your face,

Or clothes, or even on your toys

A crumpled tissue moistened

Will restore your soiled joys

No one is quite certain

With what this substance is infused

The Pentagon and NASA

Fear that it can be abused

The only rule that’s binding

On just how this stuff is used

Is Mom’s alone can wield it

For its powers to be loosed

Hawking had suspected that

Its Matter, dark and light

That make up all the universe

Its length and width and height

Its mass is all comprised of it

He thought he had it right

Cosmologists and Physicists

Agreed with him alright

But looking back upon his youth

He caught a glimpse of it

The truly magic substance

That makes every theory fit

The fabric of the cosmos

Isn’t sewn to perfect fit

The universe is glued up tight

With naught, but Mother’s spit

For my Mom Lillian Ferguson

Mother’s Day 2K11 / Love  Reid

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