Mother’s Day this year – With Mom gone.

Every year I write a Mother’s Day poem. It is one of my few traditions. This year is different, because Mom went to be with Jesus August of last year.

So this was difficult to write. I didn’t know – should it be profoundly different, or the same? And to be honest, creativity has been at an all time low since before the start of my sabbatical.

In any event, while noting the reality of her passing, in the end I kept the approach basically the same as most years.

I hope you like it.

And if your Mom is gone, maybe it will bring a smile to your face – while we wait the grand reunion with all the saints at Christ’s return.

Mother had a merry heart

She loved to laugh, and sing

She never long would give those up

Regardless sorrow’s sting

A joke, a quip, a clever turn

Was quick to bring a smile

A Grandma’s face hid rapier wit

And wisdom’s secret wile

And while she’s now in Heaven’s gate

And can’t herself defend

I’ll share a prime example here

Of how her wit did tend

I’m sure I was but eight or nine

Still tender in my years

When she denied a youthful want

And I regaled with tears

Unbending she remained unmoved

Frustrated I devised

A plan for getting back at her

So clever in my eyes

A scheme of pointed blackmail rose

From pre-pubescent rage

To get my way, and punish her

So slick and sly and sage

“You’ll see!” I yelled, and stamped my foot

In proper Rebel’s form

And launched my plan full force at her

To make her weep and mourn

“I’m going to run away from home”

(I lobbed my first grenade)

“You’ll never see my face again”

(My trap now fully laid)

What more could break a Mother’s heart?

I knew my plan would work

She looked unmoved, and countered with

A cool, unruffled smirk!

I needed more artillery

I’d failed to break full through

The soundness of my plan was clear

What more could I now do?

I doubled down and stamped again

“I mean it!” I imposed

“I’m going now to get my stuff

And pack up all my clothes”

She didn’t try to stop me then

But I had set the hook

No doubt that she was flagging now

Despite her un-pained look

“Where will you go?” She queried me

“I don’t know – just away”

The thought of me so destitute

MUST force her to dismay

And then she sent her crushing blow

I didn’t have a clue

She had a gun as big as this

To use on you know who!

That she would launch this wicked thing

I didn’t have a hunch

She sweetly smiled and asked me should

She pack me up a lunch!

Imagine my distressing state

My world came crashing down

She had no fears I’d really flee

My plan was sunk and drowned

Was all this true? Did she not care

If I should pack and leave?

Would not my threatened flight

Induce her cries to sob and heave?

Alas, twas but the Mother’s grip

On life, that Mother had

Undaunted by my youthful scam

Nonplussed, nor made unglad

She knew that little boys and girls

Were born with sinful hearts

There was no shock when it came out

In streams or fits and starts

And no way in God’s universe

Would she be found a fool

Manipulated by a brat

Who’d just learned not to drool!

So sons learn from my twisted ways

Listen to my lesson

Before you jerk your Mom around

Know with whom you’re messin’

Don’t try the stupid blackmail stuff

You’ll get a knock-out punch

‘Cause if your Mom’s like my Mom was

She just might pack your lunch!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I know it is your best one ever right now.

For my Mom – Mother’s Day 2012


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day this year – With Mom gone.

  1. “Who’d just learned not to drool!” That truly made me LOL! Thanks for not giving up your tradition and for sharing your mother’s rapier wit! I am still thankful for my mother’s response to my teenage mockery of believers, “You probably oughta shut up.”

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