Debunking the John Hagee’s Blood Moons – or – Unknotting Your Knickers



Got your knickers in knot over the continuing hype over John Hagee’s “Blood Moons Prophecy” stuff? Well, take the knots out. You’ll be a lot more comfortable, and you won’t have to walk funny.

Below is a link to Chris White’s YouTube video doing an excellent job of showing the glaring holes, omissions, mis-use of the Scriptures, bad theology and poor reasoning rampant in John Hagee and Mark Biltz’s book: “Four Blood Moons.”

While I do not agree with all of White’s exegesis – nevertheless, what he DOES do, and that very effectively, is show the utter nonsense behind making (as little Billy Shakespeare would say) “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Once again it is a study in bringing a theory to the Scriptures and then using them any way you want to justify or prove it. And in this case, exceptionally poorly.

Don’t be taken in. Save your shekels and buy new Study Bible, or a book that will help you grow in Christ’s likeness.  Four Blood Moons isn’t even good fiction.


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